Download and evaluate the software

MG-SOFT provides a 30-day evaluation version of MG-SOFT NETCONF Simulator, so that you can try it even before you decide and proceed with licensing the software.

Under the 30-day evaluation license, you are not permitted to use the software for any kind of commercial purposes like testing of other software or equipment that you are developing, NETCONF/RESTCONF or YANG product debugging, problem solving, stress testing, providing support, training or similar purposes!
After 30 days, you must either purchase a licensed copy of the software or uninstall and destroy all copies of the evaluation version of the software.

After you download the software, the installer will present the end-user licensing agreement. You must read it entirely and agree to it, before the installer will let you continue with the installation.

Also, you may wish to request a 30-day evaluation license.key file. The license.key file will enable many functions in the software (although, not all of them!). Some features are available only with the regular license.key file that you receive after you purchase the licensed version of the software.

Note: MG-SOFT NETCONF Simulator is available for 64-bit MS Windows and Linux operating systems with 64-bit Oracle Java 8+, or with 64-bit Adoptium JDK/AdoptOpenJDK 11+ installed. For detailed system requirements please consult section 2.1 of the User Manual.

You can download the evaluation version of NETCONF Simulator from the download page.