MG-SOFT MIB Explorer

Application for for viewing, exploring, comparing and exporting MIB modules

MG-SOFT MIB Explorer is a powerful and intuitive application for viewing, exploring, comparing and exporting MIB modules. MIB Explorer lets you explore the hierarchical MIB tree structure of MIB modules, view MIB object properties, search for specific constructs and clauses within MIB modules, compare definitions in different MIB modules, explore dependencies between MIBs, etc. The software also lets you generate user-defined MIB module reports, as well as export MIB definitions to a wide range of well-known file formats, like YANG, HTML, Dynamic HTML, XML, XML Schema, PDF, TXT, and MOSY-compatible format. The Export function can be accessed either from the MIB Explorer GUI or from the command line.

MIB Explorer provides a powerful and flexible query framework for searching for particular constructs, their properties and values within MIB modules. When searching for constructs, MIB Explorer distinguishes itself with simple and user-friendly interface for specifying query conditions.

Converting MIB files to YANG files

If you need to convert MIB files to YANG files, we certainly recomend using MG-SOFT MIB Explorer, which has, among many other features, also a function for converting MIB files to YANG files (RFC 6643).

After the conversion you can continue editing YANG files in MG-SOFT Visual YANG Designer in order to add or edit the properties that were not available in the original MIB files. Here you can find a zip file containing both, the original MIB file and the YANG file converted from the MIB by MIB Explorer.

The software lets you export MIB definitions to plain HTML, dynamic HTML (containing expandable and clickable MIB tree), XML and XML Schema formats, i.e., standard Internet file formats for presenting and exchanging information. Exporting a group of dependent MIB definition files to HTML produces a set of interlinked HTML files, so that their dependencies can be explored by simply following the hyperlinks.

MG-SOFT MIB Explorer - Main window
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MG-SOFT MIB Explorer - Main window

MIB Explorer lets you export MIB modules to MOSY compatible and plain ASCII text format. Applications capable of parsing MIB files in the standard MOSY or TXT format can load such MIB files directly. Additionally, by using the Export function you can export MIB definitions to platform independent Adobe PDF format (report and conversion examples).

Besides exporting MIBs to various file formats, MIB Explorer lets you generate HTML reports and fully customizable user-defined reports, containing desired information about MIB modules. The integrated Report Wizard helps you create HTML reports and export MIB definitions to other formats in no time. HTML reports allow you to explore the MIB tree, SMI definitions, MIB dependencies, and statistics about selected types of MIB objects by using a web browser.

The enclosed MIB Compiler lets you compile any standard or vendor specific MIB definition file that complies with SMI rules. The compiled MIB file can then be loaded and utilized by MIB Explorer.

MG-SOFT MIB Explorer is available for Windows operating systems.

A customer testimonial
"First of all, it's amazing to see how useful MG-SOFT's SNMP and MIB tools are for new-comers as well as for experts."

Stefan Wallin, Senior Partner, OSS Business Manager
Data Ductus AB, Sweden