Software license types

Each installed copy of MG-SOFT's software product must be covered by an appropriate software license.

MG-SOFT offers End-user software licenses, Developer's licenses, Redistributable run-time licenses, and OEM licenses. Besides, evaluation licenses are available for 30-day trials.

Software licenses can be ordered directly from MG-SOFT Corporation or from MG-SOFT's resellers.

End User software licenses
MG-SOFT issues a unique license.key file for each ordered software license. The user then applies the license.key file to the installed software. Once the software license is applied, the licensed software product displays 'Single user license' and its unique serial number in the About window. Each license entitles the user to install and use the licensed software on only one computer, i.e., each license.key file can be applied to at most one copy of the installed software.

MG-SOFT does not support floating licenses. Due to the nature of the software, the software does not contain any functions for floating license checking. Many users install the software on their laptops and then use it somewhere in the field. It might be inconvenient for them if the software was trying to connect to some kind of licensing server in order to determine if it is eligible to start-up or not, depending on the current number of other users.

Without signing an appropriate software licensing agreement with MG-SOFT it is not permitted to bundle any MG-SOFT's products and license.key files with your products and ship them to your customers or end-users.

Developer licenses, Redistributable run-time licenses and OEM licenses
When purchasing a license for an MG-SOFT's software development kit, you receive a license for one developer and certain number of redistributable run-time licenses ('certain number' depends on the licensed software development kit).

This means that one software developer can install the licensed version of the software development kit to his or her computer. The redistributable run-time licenses can be deployed in the development environment in order to test and debug the product through its development stages. After the product is developed, the redistributable run-time licenses can be deployed (bundled with your application) either within your company (i.e., if you were developing an in-house tool) and/or sold to your end users (again, bundled with your application). You are eligible to redistribute in such manner at most as many copies of MG-SOFT's run-time modules as you have received redistributable run-time licenses along with the software development kit. To deploy or redistribute more than such number of copies of MG-SOFT's run-time modules please contact MG-SOFT sales team and order an adequate number of additional redistributable run-time licenses. You are not permited to redistribute the evaluation version of MG-SOFT's run-time modules.

If you plan to deploy or resell large quantities of MG-SOFT's run-time modules bundled with your value-added application, you may wish to consider signing the OEM license agreement, under which there are no restrictions on the number of the redistributed MG-SOFT's run-time modules bundled with your value-added application. Please contact MG-SOFT sales team to receive additional information on royalty-based and OEM licensing for desired MG-SOFT's products.

License renewals and migrations
Users with outdated software licenses have an option to renew their license so that they will be able to use the most recent release of the licensed software.

Users who would like to use a different edition of the licensed software have an option to migrate their license to a license that will support the desired edition of the software product.

Renewed or migrated license does not give you an additional license. Instead, it only replaces your current license with a new license. After renewing or migrating a license, your old license is legally revoked and must not be used anymore.

Delivery of licenses
MG-SOFT can deliver ordered software licenses either electronically or physically.

When delivered electronically, MG-SOFT supplies ordered software licenses packed in zip (or tar.gz) files attached to an e-mail message. The user needs to download the software installer from the provided URL at MG-SOFT's web site.

When delivered physically, MG-SOFT supplies one USB flash card containing the software installer along with all ordered license.key files. If you wish to receive software licenses on two or more USB flash cards, please contact MG-SOFT sales team prior to placing the order.

30-day Evaluation license
Most MG-SOFT's software products are available from MG-SOFT's web site for a 30-day evaluation, so that potential customers may try using the software before ordering the regular software licenses. Under the 30-day evaluation license the user should determine the suitability of the evaluated software product, its available functions, performance capabilities and similar features. Under the 30-day evaluation license the user is not permitted to use the evaluated product for any kind of commercial purposes. More specifically, with MG-SOFT's products running under the evaluation license it is not permitted to test or debug equipment for commercial purposes, it is not permitted to provide commercial training services, nor any similar commercial activity. Such activites can be performed only after obtaining the licensed version of the software.

If the user determines the suitability of the evaluated software product, the regular software license should be obtained. Otherwise, the user must uninstall and stop using the evaluation software.