MG-SOFT SNMP Agent Simulator

About the software

MG-SOFT SNMP Agent Simulator lets you effectively simulate SNMP networks without expensive and bulky network equipment. Thus, you can significantly benefit from the software if you are, for example, involved in designing or testing of network management applications, or conducting NMS training, or giving NMS demonstrations in course of sales campaigns, or evaluating network management applications before purchase, etc.

MG-SOFT SNMP Agent Simulator software application can simulate thousands of SNMP-manageable network devices, each listening on a different IPv4 or IPv6 address and UDP or TCP port, supporting its own set of SNMP variables (MIB modules) and SNMP access parameters. Besides the commonly used SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3 USM protocols, the software lets you simulate also agents that support SNMPv3 TSM protocol (SNMPv3 over TLS and DTLS, as specified in RFC 6353). SNMP Agent Simulator incorporates different methods of simulating the SNMP agent behavior, including sending SNMP Trap and Inform notifications. While the basic value changes (incrementing counters) can be selected with a simple click of a button, much more sophisticated live agent behavior can be configured using the advanced template-based mechanisms. Configured live agent templates and trap templates can then be assigned to a number of simulated agent instances to exhibit the configured behavior.

MG-SOFT SNMP Agent Simulator supports running simulations on a single machine or distributed over many computers.

The main components of the software are the simulator engine and the management console. Simulator engine is a Windows service that can simulate numerous SNMP agents. To facilitate enterprise level simulations comprising thousands of SNMP devices, a number of simulator engines can be deployed on computers across the network. Even in such distributed setups, a single easy-to-use management console (GUI) is used for configuring and managing all the simulated agent instances. The management console user interface fully supports high pixel density (HiDPI) displays and features Light and Dark visual theme.

MG-SOFT SNMP Agent Simulator - Main window (Dark theme)
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MG-SOFT SNMP Agent Simulator - Main window (Dark theme)

The software lets you simulate SNMP devices either by taking snapshots of real SNMP devices on the network, or generating agent snapshot files from one or more MIB modules. Furthermore, the built-in editor lets you view and edit agent snapshot files (XML) in a visual manner. The management console incorporates bulk commands that let you add, configure, start and stop simulating a group of SNMP agents at a time.

MG-SOFT SNMP Agent Simulator is available for 64-bit (x64) MS Windows operating systems (Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8.x, Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, Windows 11, Windows Server 2022). For detailed system requirements please consult the section 2.1 of the User Manual.

A customer testimonial
"With the latest update we are able to query MIB using SNMPv2c and SNMPv3 over IPv6. Here the list of test cases we executed

1) SNMP walk for v2 with community as public is working fine
2) SNMP walk for V3 with Auth as MD5 and no Priv is working fine
3) SNMP walk for V3 with Auth as SHA and no Priv is working fine
4) SNMP walk for V3 with Auth as MD5 and DES as Priv is working fine
5) SNMP walk for V3 with Auth as MD5 and AES-128 as Priv is working fine
6) SNMP walk for V3 with Auth as SHA and DES as Priv is working fine
7) SNMP walk for V3 with Auth as SHA and AES-128 as Priv is working fine

I really appreciate your team effort.

Regarding huge size snmp response from our switch, We have opened a defect and we will get a fix in 4-5 days.

Once again I appreciate your support."

Sathis Kumar Murugesan, Software Engineering
Cisco Systems, U.S.A.