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NETCONF and YANG applications

MG-SOFT offers a complete range of NETCONF, RESTCONF and YANG network configuration management software applications, ranging from a graphical YANG data model explorer, over visual YANG authoring tool, a full blown NETCONF configuration manager, to a NETCONF and RESTCONF server simulator, and a framework for automated testing and configuring of NETCONF devices.

MG-SOFT's NETCONF and YANG products are compliant with the current relevant IETF's RFC and I-D documents:
RFC 4741, RFC 4742, RFC 5277, RFC 5539, RFC 6020, RFC 6022, RFC 6087, RFC 6241, RFC 6242, RFC 6243, RFC 6470, RFC 6991, RFC 7589, RFC 7895, RFC 7950, RFC 7951, RFC 7952, RFC 8040, RFC 8071, RFC 8340, RFC 8341, RFC 8342, RFC 8407, RFC 8525, RFC 8526, RFC 8527, RFC 8639, RFC 8640, RFC 8641, RFC 8650 and RFC 8791.
(see the RFC list in tabular view)

To determine which MG-SOFT's NETCONF and YANG application would be the most suitable and would offer most benefits for your particular needs, we recommend you to contact MG-SOFT sales team for additional information.

When licensing two or more MG-SOFT's NETCONF & YANG Software packages, take a look also at the MG-SOFT NETCONF & YANG ToolBox software bundle packages.

MG-SOFT NETCONF Browser Professional Edition

MG-SOFT NetConf Browser Professional Edition is a powerful and user-friendly NETCONF and RESTCONF client application that lets you retrieve, modify, install and delete the configuration of any NETCONF or RESTCONF device in the network. The software provides an intuitive GUI that lets you connect to a NETCONF or RESTCONF-enabled device in the network, download the data model (YANG/YIN) from it and present it in form of a graphical tree, containing nodes on which NETCONF (get, get-config, edit-config,...) or RESTCONF (get, post, delete,...) operations can be invoked. NetConf Browser lets you generate configuration from YANG data model, edit the configuration in visual manner, validate the configuration and apply it on a remote device - all this with just a few clicks. The software supports also many advanced technologies such as NMDA, YANG Push notifications, automation via scripting, etc.

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MG-SOFT Visual YANG Designer Professional Edition

MG-SOFT Visual YANG Designer is an advanced, yet easy-to-use YANG authoring tool that lets you create, edit and validate YANG modules in a visual manner, without having to master the YANG syntax. To design a YANG module in Visual mode of operation, simply drag & drop YANG nodes (e.g., "container", "list", "leaf", etc.) from the components toolbar to the desired position in the module tree and set their properties in the application's GUI. Besides the visual mode, the software features also advanced Source mode of operation incorporating a full-blown YANG source code editor. The tool includes strict YANG validator that warns you of all inconsistencies and lets you produce 100% error-free YANG and YIN files.

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MG-SOFT YANG Explorer Professional Edition

MG-SOFT YANG Explorer Professional Edition is an application that lets you explore and analyze YANG data models. The software can load any set of standard and proprietary YANG and YIN modules and graphically present them in a tree view containing nodes of different types. The software lets you view all the node properties, easily explore cross-references between nodes, search nodes, analyze dependencies between modules, compare modules, create reports and validate YANG modules in a user friendly and visual manner, without having to master the YANG syntax and data modeling rules.

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MG-SOFT NETCONF Simulator software application can simulate numerous network devices supporting the NETCONF and RESTCONF protocols (NETCONF/RESTCONF servers) on one computer. Each simulated server can be configured to listen on a different IP address and different ports for NETCONF and RESTCONF requests, support its own set of YANG modules and features, as well as distinct NETCONF/RESTCONF access parameters (SSH or TLS, user credentials, certificates). Simulated servers also support sending NETCONF and RESTCONF notifications to subscribed clients. Simulated servers support a wide range of NETCONF capabilities and can exhibit specific behavior by changing the values of data node instances during runtime. The simulated servers appear to network management systems as real network devices simultaneously supporting NETCONF and RESTCONF protocol.

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MG-SOFT NETCONF/YANG Python Scripting System

MG-SOFT NETCONF/YANG Python Scripting System is a powerful and easy-to-use NETCONF client scripting framework that enables retrieving and manipulating the configuration of any NETCONF server device from Python scripts. Scripts can be used for automated testing of NETCONF devices, as well as for monitoring and configuring NETCONF devices in an automated fashion.

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MG-SOFT NETCONF & YANG ToolBox package contains MG-SOFT's superb NETCONF and YANG network management and configuration applications: NETCONF Browser Professional Edition, Visual YANG Designer Professional Edition and YANG Explorer Professional Edition, bundled together in a package at significantly reduced licensing fees.

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