MG-SOFT MIB Explorer

Main features

The following is a brief list of the main features in MG-SOFT MIB Explorer application.

The MIB Query function lets you search any number of MIB modules for particular types of MIB objects, their clauses and values. MIB Explorer incorporates a user-friendly interface for specifying query conditions and lets you save query configurations for later use (screen shot).
The software lets you compare two MIB modules side-by-side and view either all differences in compared modules, all matches, or both. Furthermore, the compare function can be configured to ignore the differences you consider irrelevant, for example, differences in MIB object descriptions (screen shot).
MG-SOFT MIB Explorer lets you view and explore dependencies between MIB modules (screen shot).
By using the built-in MIB Editor, you can view and edit MIB module definition files directly within the MIB Explorer environment (screen shot).
The RFC Extract Wizard lets you extract MIB module definitions from RFC (Request For Comments) textual files published by IETF. The wizard saves extracted MIB modules to plain ASCII MIB definition files, which can be compiled with MG-SOFT MIB Compiler or any other SMI-compliant MIB compiler (screen shot).
MG-SOFT MIB Explorer lets you export/convert MIB definitions to a number of well-known file formats, like YANG, HTML, Dynamic HTML (displaying 'clickable' MIB trees), XML, XML Schema, PDF, TXT, and MOSY-compatible format in order to examine or use MIB modules in applications that support those formats. The Export function can be accessed either from within the MIB Explorer or from the command line (screen shot).
Custom MIB reports. The software lets you generate fully customizable ASCII reports, containing selected details about MIB modules formatted according to user's preferences. You can control what types of MIB objects and their properties will be included into custom reports as well as how this data will be formatted, for example you can specify ordering, separations, sellect tags for appending,... (screen shot).
The Report Wizard lets you create HTML reports and export MIB definitions to other formats in a few simple steps. HTML reports allow you to explore the MIB tree, SMI definitions, MIB dependencies, and statistics about selected types of MIB objects by using a web browser (screen shot, report and conversion examples).
Much more ...