MG-SOFT SNMP Software Development Lab

SNMP EasyAgent SDK

SNMP EasyAgent toolkit provides a framework for extending Microsoft's and MG-SOFT's SNMP Master Agents running on MS Windows operating systems (Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8.x, Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, Windows 11, Windows Server 2022). By using the provided framework, any Windows application can easily export and import its data through the SNMP agent and can be remotely managed by using the SNMP protocol.

SNMP EasyAgent will operate both with MG-SOFT's SNMP Master Agent as well as with Microsoft's SNMP Service supplied with Windows operating systems.

SNMP EasyAgent API implementation is available in the SNMP Software Development Lab distribution for Windows.

The following is a brief overview of the MG-SOFT SNMP EasyAgent framework.

The SNMP EasyAgent framework consists of two main DLL files:

  • The first DLL (called EasyAgent server) is loaded by Microsoft's SNMP Service (SNMP.EXE) or MG-SOFT's SNMP Agent (MGSNMP.EXE) as an ordinary subagent extension.
  • The second DLL (called EasyAgent client) is used by an application that wants to export or import its data to the network via the SNMP protocol. The application can run either in the user mode or as NT System service.

At the startup of the application, the EasyAgent client DLL and the SNMP EasyAgent server DLL establish a permanent connection. The application then retrieves handles of the data in the MIB sub-tree and initializes the data.

After a successful initialization, the data can be retrieved or set to a new value from the network via the SNMP protocol.

Installing the SNMP EasyAgent and SNMP EasyAgent-based subagents

To install the SNMP EasyAgent framework, run the setup.exe and follow the on-screen guidelines. Make sure to have installed the Microsoft's SNMP service or MG-SOFT's SNMP Master Agent before you install the SNMP EasyAgent SDK.

Installation procedure for the SNMP EasyAgent-based subagents is described in the SNMP EasyAgent documentation, distributed in the SNMP Software Development Lab package.

Apply for your own enterprise OID number

To avoid conflicts regarding the OID naming structure, you may wish to apply for your own enterprise OID number.

SNMP EasyAgent Source Code Template Generator

MG-SOFT SNMP EasyAgent Source Code Template Generator is a software utility designed to increase the productivity of the SNMP agent developers. It takes a MIB file on it's input and according to the given MIB generates a C/C++ (or Delphi/Pascal) source code template (stub) for developing the SNMP EasyAgent based agent extension (subagent) implementing the given MIB. Having the generated source code template, the programmer only needs to add the source code implementing required actions on OIDs for SNMP-GET, SNMP-SET and/or SENDTRAP events.